Learn the RIGHT way to market your business!

Learn the RIGHT way to market your business!


It all started when…

You don’t want to read about me- what you need to know is that we are here to help YOU.

But if you want to listen to a little story, here goes!

I’m Danni MacDonald, the “Social Selling Professor”. I live in the Vancouver, Canada area and have two cute dogs, Aimi and Brutus. As a business student in 2017, I created a fun T-shirt and mug company called FBomb Factory! It was, as you’d expect, a swear-y product line and just meant in good fun.

I spent weeks creating the designs, finding a method of production that was able to print on demand and ship…… then, I launched it!

To absolute silence, no traffic, no fanfare- SILENCE.

And I realized the old saying in business school is TRUE: 80% of business is MARKETING. And I was NOT a good Girl Scout- I was NOT prepared.

And so- I switched my MBA focus to small- and micro- business marketing. I did a deep research project (a master’s level study) to find out ALL the SECRETS of building a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST. These are three of the top seven SEARCH ENGINES on the web today (besides Google, YouTube, Amazon and iTunes #funfact).

And as the word got out about what I was doing, my fellow business students started asking me for advice- for strategy plans. I became a business consultant, briefly, before I realized that helping people one at a time was TOO SLOW. I could help more small business owners JUST LIKE YOU offering online TRAINING and ADVICE instead.

If you’re missing out on the AMAZING BUSINESS REVOLUTION taking place in this century, if YOUR SMALL BUSINESS is STRUGGLING, THIS SYSTEM will solve your problems- telling you WHAT TO POST, WHY TO POST, WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO DEVELOP your AUDIENCE FASTER and BETTER so they BECOME CUSTOMERS.

Get ready- Smart Social Kits are here to SAVE YOUR BUSINESS LIFE #lifesaver