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12 Tips  on Why and How Small Businesses Must Use Social Media Marketing

12 Tips on Why and How Small Businesses Must Use Social Media Marketing

Put Social Media to Work for Your Small Business: 12 Tips  on Why and How Small Businesses Must Use Social Media Marketing


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Social media is everywhere - your customers are all using it, over 76% of people on the planet have a social media account- and they are able to be reached FOR FREE......and for a local business there is a lot to gain from positioning your brand on one, or several, of the various platforms. Finding the right platform and successfully structuring posts take work, but when executed properly social media marketing can bring customers to your business and expand the reach of your brand.

Direct Communication

Social media is an invaluable tool that puts you into direct contact with customers. You can have real time communication that can benefit your customers and your business. You can learn how customers feel about your business and how they choose to interact with it. You can provide useful information, such as hours, product availability, sales, special events and more.

Variety of Social Media Platforms

Different demographics gravitate to different social media platforms. Having a presence across multiple platforms takes a lot of work and presents advantages, as well as disadvantages. Maintaining a presence on multiple platforms means you may reach new customers who may not have found you otherwise. You may also invest more time for a minimal return. Zeroing in on the platforms your demographic is most likely to use is the best use of your time and will yield substantial results.

Find the Right Platform

In order for your efforts to reach both customers and potential customers you need to be on the right platform for your business. If you have an email list you can reach out to survey your contacts to get a general idea of the social media platforms they use. You can also do some research and check out each platform to see which ones offer the best fit.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags may seem foreign, but they ultimately work like terms typed into a search engine. Using relevant hashtags makes it easy for customers to find your posts. Instagram local hashtagging makes it incredibly simple for people in your city or area to find you.

A reminder: you can get your free two weeks of graphics and social media marketing instruction by requesting a Sample Kit from our website

Local Hashtags


To get started using hashtags search your platform of choice to find existing local hashtags. The name of your city or town, or even a region or state are good hashtags to research. Include these hashtags in your posts and maybe even create your own unique hashtag. It will take time to develop traction around your unique hashtag, but it will make it easy for customers to find you. Hashtags may differ between platforms, so do some research. If you are posting across different platforms make sure to use the right hashtags in your posts.

Hashtag Structure

Hashtags can be used in a post in place of the relevant words. When adding extra hashtags to aid in searches place everything at the bottom of the post. If the character count allows leave a space between the post text and the hashtags, so it is easier for users to read the post. Often readers will skip large blocks of text, so separating the content of the post from the hashtags increases the chances of users reading the post.

Character count limits can make it a challenge to use all of the hashtags you find, so stick to the popular ones. If you run out of space you can always add a comment to your post with more hashtags. The key is to include relevant and popular hashtags that users routinely search.

Facebook Local

A great tool that leads customers directly to your business is Facebook Local. This spin off of Facebook pulls reviews, location, events and other info from a business page and puts it into an easy-to-use format. Users can search for restaurants, cafes, museums, or other types of businesses near their location or in a specific city. Local businesses are presented as pins on a map, making it easy for customers to find your small business.

Pinterest for Local Search

When creating your business profile and boards on Pinterest use keywords your ideal customers are likely to use. In this instance keywords work like hashtags and will direct users directly to your local business’s page. Making your page easy for people to find increases the odds of customers finding you online and deciding to seek you out in person.

Content Matters

Whatever social media platform or platforms you decide to use will include a research element in order to get started. Once you are comfortable with the platform and have an understanding of the ideal search terms you are ready to get posting. Keywords and hashtags are how customers find you, but content is what encourages them to stick around and come back. Strong, informative content that brings value will entice users to follow your brand and make the transition from social media follower to customer.

Take It Easy on the Sales Pitch

Customers understand you are a business and the entire reason you have a social media account is to build and expand your business. It is unnecessary to constantly post about your sales pitch. Post interesting content about your business and the industry and from time to time tie things back to the products or services you offer.

Using the Tools Available

From increasing brand awareness to forging a relationship with customers social media is a powerful marketing tool. By utilizing local hashtags and options such as Facebook Local, in addition to other platforms your customers frequent you can keep your business relevant and reach a wider audience.

A reminder: you can get your free two weeks of graphics and social media marketing instruction by requesting a Sample Kit from our website

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