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How To Use Search Engines, Especially Google And Pinterest- Pinterest Tips

How To Use Search Engines, Especially Google And Pinterest- Pinterest Tips

How To Use Search Engines, Especially Google And Pinterest- Pinterest Tips

Hi there, blossom! Welcome- if you have questions about social media marketing, we’re here to answer them- feel free to send us your questions via our Contact Page and we’ll answer them via email and in a post!So here's the trick to getting more sales for your crafts and artsy services-

Mastering the platform’s algorithm and using accurate keywords are the best ways to drive traffic to your Amazon Handmade and Etsy stores. This will pay off because the two platforms give you access to millions of customers daily.

But there’s a catch:

Amazon Handmade and Etsy will not automatically place your products in front of these prospects and customers. You will need to market beyond these forums, taking advantage of search engines such as Google and Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great option because everything about it works perfectly for Etsy sellers. As revealed by RJMetrics and demonstrated in the image below, Etsy significantly gets the most repins than any other online retailer.

Using Pinterest to market your Etsy and Amazon Handmade shop.png


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Etsy the brand, aligns with the inspirational Pinterest user.

Pinterest is also a great pick for your social media marketing efforts because:

·         87% of Pinners were influenced by Pinterest to purchase a product

·         72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline

·         93% of active pinners use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and 87% have bought something because of Pinterest

Don’t get confused however. This does not mean that you store will automatically have a high conversion rate on Pinterest. You need to learn how to use it.

5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Market Your Etsy And Amazon Handmade Stores

1.       Open A Pinterest Business Account

Etsy and Amazon Handmade users are mainly artists, crafts makers and collectors, who see themselves as individuals, instead of businesses. It is important for them to market their products as a business, instead of individuals.

Pinterest for business, offers an amazing marketing platform for businesses, by including built-in analytics for business, showing you how well pins coming from your store are performing on Pinterest, the number of pins, pinners, repinners, repins, visits, overall reach, clicks and impressions.

The business account name should ideally be the same as the shop name on Etsy and Amazon Handmade, for consistency in branding.

Complete your business profile, including location, and most importantly, a link back to your Amazon Handmade and Etsy stores.

Also, for consistency and branding purposes, use the same avatar as that used in your stores and other social media platforms.

Fill in your business description, putting in mind that this is your value proposition. In a few words, explain why your shop is the best, while using SEO tactics. Use keywords naturally though, you are writing for humans as much as you are optimizing for search engines.

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Let’s see how 3 companies have done this:

Second for post 2.jpg


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2.       Define Your Marketing Strategy

Why are you promoting your Etsy and Amazon handmade stores on Pinterest? What do you intend to achieve?

It’s okay to have multiple goals such as increasing brand recognition and awareness, building an audience, generating traffic to your Etsy store, or increasing sales. While all these objectives are great, you need to focus on a main goal, and secondary goals that complement it.


A clear focus will directly determine the strategy you will use to post on Pinterest. For example, if you are only seeking to grow an audience, you’d focus more on informatory posts in your line of business, such as How-Tos and contests, as opposed to posting products on sale.

As a small business though, click-throughs are more important because they are what make the sale. While more followers are great, this is just a vanity metric because it doesn’t always lead to sales. Such a marketing strategy is best for larger companies that are household names.

Really? But, the number of followers matters!

Well, not much.

Naturally, Pinterest users like to buy, and the average amount per order is higher than the other popular social media platforms. Consequently, your Pinterest account doesn’t need massive following to make a decent income.


Your marketing strategy should focus more on click-throughs and not gaining followers.

3.       Create Great Visuals

Being a visual board when users pin photos, you ought to create great visuals, while following Pinterest rules. The recommended photo dimensions are 165x by 165x for profile picture, 222x by 150x for board display, and 236 x width for pin sizes, as shown in the image below.

Third for Pint.jpg


Once you have high quality visuals, create a range of boards that display your store’s personality, and taste. Each of these boards should have enough pins to give pinners the impression that the business is worth following.

Pinterest boards should have clear, descriptive creative names, that allow followers to immediately understand what the boards are about. While you get creative, keep the titles to 20 characters or less to avoid getting truncated.

Let’s see how Etsy has done it:


Lessons from Etsy:

·         Creative descriptive board names

·         Several pins in each board

·         Each board has a compelling cover pin, with attractive visuals


4.       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pinterest is regularly indexed by search engines, offering several opportunities to great SEO. Usually, Pinterest will appear in the first page of Google search results. Additionally, Pinterest is itself, a search engine, recording over 2 billion searches monthly. Visual search accounts for over 250 million of these monthly Pinterest searches.

A quick search for handmade baby sweaters had Pinterest feature in the first two search results on page 1, as shown in the screenshot below:

VIa google dot com for blog 2 after etsytstatic.png


Clearly, Pinterest is great for SEO. But how do you further optimize your boards for best results?

·         Optimize your ‘about you’ page.

·         Add the Pinterest tag on your website (Etsy already allows this)

·         Add the ‘save’ button

·         Verify your site

·         Do keyword research

·         Consider visual search

·         Understand the anatomy of a pin, such as image sizes, purpose of the pin, use of multiple colors.


5.       Use Pinterest Analytics To Know Weak Areas

Analyzing your performance on Pinterest helps create a better and informed marketing strategy. Currently, 81% of pinners are females and the median age is 40. Is this the same case with your account? Could you have more male than female followers? What is your customized median age? What is their location? When does your business record peak engagement?

Age matters in marketing, where each generation has a particular preference. As a result, you could be marketing to millennials, yet your followers are GenX, consequently not selling as much as you should.


Know your audience and specifically market to it.



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