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How To Use Google And Pinterest To Market Your Etsy And Amazon Handmade Shops- Part One Google Tips

How To Use Google And Pinterest To Market Your Etsy And Amazon Handmade Shops- Part One Google Tips

How To Use Google And Pinterest To Market Your Etsy And Amazon Handmade Shops

Part One: Google Tips

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Here's the BIG question: Besides FREE marketing through social media (using a low cost, high value resource like a Smart Social Kit) is investing in Google marketing a great investment for your Etsy and/or Amazon Handmade shops? Why spend on a search engine ad?

These are two main questions marketers ask whenever they are advised to include search engines in their marketing budget allocation.

Well, the answer is a BIG:

Yes, this is a great investment and spending on search engines has impressive returns, because your customers are using search engines to make buying decisions.


·         86% of buyers use the internet to find a local business

·         72% of customers prefer to find information on local merchants via search

·         29% of buyers search for local businesses at least every week

So, now that you see the benefits, why Google and not Yahoo or Bing?

·         Google owns 72% of the search market share, followed by Baidu (12%), Bing (7%) and Yahoo (4%) as shown below:

Google tips #1.png


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That’s not all:

·         The world’s largest online display advertising network is owned by Google

·         Google’s display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users

·         Buyers exposed to display ads are 155% more likely to search for segment-specific and brand-specific terms

·         97% of Google’s total revenues come from advertising and Google has tracked 4 billion store visits from ad clicks.

What does this mean for you and your small business? This:

Google is big on marketing and you need to learn how to use it to market your Etsy and Amazon Handmade stores.

Here are 3 ways to do this:

1.       Invest In Google Shopping For Your Etsy Store

How Google Shopping Works

Launched in 2016, Google shopping is an optional paid advertising tool that allows Etsy shop owners to reach new buyers outside the Etsy marketplace. You only need to set a daily budget, and Etsy optimizes and manages your marketing campaign.

By using data that Google can read and understand, Etsy submits listings that stores want to promote on Google, allowing consumers to find products that closely match their Google search.

Google chooses which ads to show using an auction-based format, where each promoted product is assigned a bid amount. Each time a consumer clicks on any of your ads, the bid amount is deducted from your daily budget.

Once this is done, products that win the auction, feature in search results on (for select countries- Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and France),, and Google search partner websites such as image search on Google. Gladly, you can see several of your ads in a single search.

How does this complicated procedure help your business?

Well, Google will only show the most relevant results, increasing the chance of consumers buying from you, as opposed to advertising to disinterested prospects.

Why Am I Not seeing My Ads?

It is not a guarantee that you will see your ads when you invest in Google shopping, and Google has a good reason for this:

·         Your shop or item may be suspended

·         The item is sold

·         A different ad had a more competitive bid and relevance score for a particular search

·         Keywords used in your listing don’t match the buyer’s search terms

What If I Can No Longer Afford Google Shopping?

While it is advisable to invest in Google shopping, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow it. Luckily, Etsy automatically re-enrolls you to its free shopping engine ads when you end or pause your Google shopping campaign.

2.       Optimize For SEO By Understanding Google’s Search Ranking Factors

Google is notorious for making algorithm updates about 500 to 600 times annually, making it quite overwhelming to keep up with the changes. Thankfully, they have disclosed ranking factors that they use to include an item in their search results, information we can use to optimize your Etsy and Handmade shops, for better ranking.

A reminder that you can try a free sample kit at

Domain age- Your shop will automatically have Amazon’s or Etsy’s domain. Etsy’s domain, for example, was reportedly registered in 2004. We have no control over this.

Domain registration length- This is how long the domain is registered for. Again, something we have no control over.

Keyword in Domain name- In Etsy, the actual address of your listing includes the words in your title. For example, this is the listing for a grey baby girl sweater. Notice the title highlighted below....

The same is seen at Amazon Handmade. Look at this earring listing-

These are the keywords you need to optimize, by optimizing your listing title, which is automatically picked when creating a direct URL.

Keyword in title tag- The first 53 characters in the title of your Etsy listing matter, because these are what Etsy will pull for its title tags, as seen in the metadata below.

Google tips #2.png

- provided via

So this is the BIG Lesson:

Your title should include relevant keywords, naturally included in the first 53 characters.

Keyword in description tag- A description tag serves a salesman, your value proposition, in search engine results. It is a snippet of up to 320 characters summarizing a web page’s content. Etsy shows the first 276 characters, within which, a creative marketer makes the page click-worthy.

Duplicate content- Google HATES duplicate content. Don’t copy paste content in all your listings, no matter how good. You can always find a better way of describing a product. If stuck, hire expert product description writers.

Grammar and Spelling-As much as you want to be creative, Google cares about spelling and grammar. Spell check your content!

Page Category-Page category is a must have, as Google uses the information on ranking.

3.       Find A Balance Between Google, Etsy And Amazon Handmade SEO

Amazon handmade and Etsy are also search engines in their own right, because consumers use their search buttons to look for their desired products. Consequently, they have their own SEO rules, that sometimes differ with Google.

Recently, for example, Etsy changed its SEO landscape, slightly differing with Google’s in a few ways:

·         No matter how well you pick the best tags and titles, you may never find your item when you search for your keyword in Etsy, unlike in Google

·         Etsy is using factors such as time of day and personal preferences for ranking. This means that store owners might not find their product in the first results page, because they have different purchase preferences (In Etsy they are sellers not buyers). On the other hand, a buyer with personal preferences relevant to your product, might have it on page one of search results. This makes it difficult for store owners to know how well they rank. (Etsy SEO is now buyer-specific, using Artificial Intelligence)

The LITTLE Lesson:

The difference is not so huge. Etsy will still show your products to the relevant target market, while showing you different results on your seller page, and Google will still consider your tags, descriptions and titles for ranking. Don’t ignore them.


Looking for MORE information? For the REST of this Guide (Parts 2 and Three, using Pinterest and more about Google and free SEOgo to this page and download the ULTIMATE GUIDE via email:


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