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The 3 Secrets of an Instagram Funnel in 2019

The 3 Secrets of an Instagram Funnel in 2019

The 3 Secrets of an Instagram Funnel in 2019

Hey, Happy New Year, goal-slayer! You’re going to have the MOST amazing year no matter when you read this because today you’re going to learn what an Instagram Funnel is and how to make it work for you!

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What is a funnel?

A funnel is:

  1. The Step-by-Step Path your customer will follow from not knowing anything about your business to becoming a customer and even a source of referrals for your business.

  2. The stages of a funnel are:

    1. Discovery

    2. Connection and Trust

    3. Need-based purchase

  3. The reason to design a funnel is to identify:

    1. Where customers will DISCOVER your business (Discovery efforts)

    2. What you will do to help clients CONNECT to you and TRUST you

    3. How you will get them to take the PURCHASING step.

Below is an example of a FUNNEL- you offer a high value, no committment freebie to first get noticed. You build trust by offering increased value at no charge via email or social media marketing or blogging in some format., trying to get them to actively engage with you by commenting or answering a question or taking a free seminar or sending you a reply to a survey. You don’t ask for their hand in financial marriage on the first date- and this IS dating- you let them get to know you you ensure they have a NEED for your product or service and THEN you suggest, “Hey, we’re having a sale- this is a great time to get our X and a bonus (discount or freebie)”. That is how you sell more without losing prospects or feeling sales-y!

Sales Funnel.jpg

On Instagram, discovery is managed by doing two things in everyday posting and two things in paid advertising (which is purely optional for success).

#1. Hashtag strategies

In our Kits, part of the training in the system is the use of a #hashtag strategy. Hashtags like #babyshower are ways for people to find Instagram members that share interests- so you’ll look into what people/businesses in your “space” are using. If you sell baby shower supplies, you’ll use new mom and new baby coming sorts of hashtags- check what comes up when you search #expecting on Instagram. What are the other hashtags posters are using ALONG WITH #expecting? Keep a list and make collections of 30 on your phone in a memo so you can copy and paste them into your business posts. Collect 150 of them and have 5 sets, for example.When you have Fourth of July sale, mix in some Fourth of July relevant #hashtags. The maximum you can use is 30 per post, we recommend you use 3 in your caption and 27 in the comment and then if you’re up for it change them all after 4 hours to capture new audiences.

Also, you can use #hashtags to find fans of your ‘space’ in business- like their posts when you find them fun and 6% of those you like will follow you back and grow your following. Ideally you’ll spend a few sessions of 15 minutes each or more per day liking posts by people YOU’D like to have as followers'. Organic growth is really pretty easy. Comments, authentic ones, will allow you to build relationships over time and really get those first 1,000 true fans that marketers always say are magical for your business success (it’s true!).

Note: you always need a call to action to direct them to check out your website, which is where your sales will happen (unless you prefer to post a business phone number or address).

#2- Social Selling for Small Business

Through social media and offering helpful hints that tie back to your business offering, which is social selling for small business, you can build a reputation for being an expert in your field and a trusted seller. In Facebook groups, on Instagram or industry blog posts or Quora or Redditt, look for people asking questions or struggling be conversational. Don’t sell, just be helpful, post a blog post or video just to help someone out, etc Social Selling is one of the most effective methods of low- and no-cost marketing for small businesses. Don’t mention purchasing but mention special offers or discounts to them saying, “if it would be helpful”. Never over-sell. It will happen, don’t worry, but it can’t be forced.

Instagram link in bio.png
Call-to-action in post.png

Paid strategies for discovery:

#1- Viral contests- You can use collaborative Instagram contests but the nature of these (where you team up with another Instagrammer and each pitch in product) is that sometimes you’ll get sign ups from people who are not your target market. It is more precise, though either is fine, to use something like or Rafflecopter or Kickoff Labs to do your own contest where you can ask other Instagrammers to share it in return for a small fee ($35) or for free product.

#2- Paid ads- they can be worth it but do them right

If you’re going to run an ad on social media, use these three rules: a) focus on a narrow target audience by customizing your ad to those in your niche b) rather than pitching or sell a product or service, offer access to a helpful freebie PDF or video like a mini course, poll or other “ask a question” strategy, a decent 20% off or more coupon or bonus, podcast or blog post with juicy advice c) make sure you have an email service provider like Mailchimp or Converkit or Mad Mimi to build an email campaign- email marketing after an ad or social media blitz gets far more sales than cold ads ever do. It’s astronomical how nurturing through email can grow sales. Don’t try to sell through ads if you’re on a budget, it is too expensive. The conversion rate for ads is roughly 2% (so 2 of every 100 viewers of the ad will go to your website, then 2% of THOSE people will eventually buy. So to sell 100 of something you need 5,000 visitors to your site and 500,000 exposures to your ad of RELEVANT audience members).

Connection and Engagement

This is what engagement rates look like- engagement no matter how little leads to a percentage coverting to sales so GETTING ENGAGEMENT is a secret to selling. You can encourage engagement by using a human rather than corporate voice in your marketing, have a mascot or official speaker for your business like “Carla in (the Design Studio or Shipping or Customer Care)” who speaks to your customers about what they care about- and asks questions about their experience or opinions. Also, do @mentions of your followers- take note of their Instagram posts and ask about or remark on the best of their best! Be fantastic! You already are! :

Instagram engagement rate by influencer.png

You’re seeing evidence of people DISCOVERING YOU and TRUSTING YOU and READY TO BUY when:

DISCOVERY: Top of the funnel - Check your follower count - is it growing?

TRUST BUILDING, CONNECTION Middle of the funnel - Are there an increasing amount of comments and likes per post FROM YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE (ignore bots for people outside your target audience that like your stuff), and how many people are clicking on your bio link or downloading your lead magnets/growing your email list (and learning more about how fabulous you are)? (Google Analytics should be set up on your site to tell you this)

READY TO BUY- Bottom of the funnel - How many questions are you getting about features and price and other buying signals? And how many conversions are you receiving through your Instagram-specific link? (Again, Google Analytics will tell you this once you have it set up).

You can be an Instagram selling super star, if you know WHAT TO POST, WHEN TO POST and WHY TO POST- sign up for a free sample kit to see what we teach and offer for content solutions (pretty graphics, quotes, polls and funny jokes to entertain and engage your readers). Start today, you’ll make more sales and/or get more followers sooner!

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