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Five Ways To Find Time For Your Side Hustle

Five Ways To Find Time For Your Side Hustle

Five Ways To Find Time For Your Side Hustle

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If you’re working a day job and have a side hustle, you’ve probably had some trouble fitting everything in. More if you have a family or other commitments outside of your regular nine to five. Your side hustle is important though and is worth putting the effort into especially if it’s something you really enjoy doing.

But how? You can’t make the days longer but you can use those days more efficiently. Every spare minute if a minute you could be using – sending a quick email or looking up information – but there are some ways you can really get some substantial work done on your business or project.

Get A Little Less Sleep

To get the most success you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. The first one of those is going to the one thing most humans do the most. Sleep. We spend over 8000 days asleep during our lives and as the old saying goes “You can sleep when you’re dead.” By going to bed a little later or getting up a little earlier every day you will have more time to work on your side hustle and it will definitely be worth it.

Even an hour would give some extra time and you will get used to the new sleeping habit eventually. Choosing to get up early and stay up late might not be the best choice, but choosing one or the other is definitely a great way to find some extra time.

Cut Out Distractions                   

You could argue that most things are a distraction. I mean if it’s not your day job and it’s not your side hustle, it’s a distraction. Though some things are more important, family, friends, food and you can’t sacrifice everything, there are some things you can either give up or cut down on.

For starters, television needs to go. Some people watch over five hours a day and even if you’re working and watching TV, how productive are you being if you’re pausing to catch a quiet piece of dialogue or an epic action scene. Unless it’s research or education for your side hustle it’s definitely is a distraction.

The same goes for social media. Unless you’re networking or promoting, it’s a distracting mess of drama and memes that are wasting time you could be using more effectively. Cut back on the groups and even the friends you have and step away for a bit. Once you realise how much you’re getting done and how little you’re actually missing out on, you’ll realise it was the best decision to make.

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Be A Passenger

We mean this literally, rather than metaphorically. You’ll hear many people tell you not to a passenger but a driver, to be in charge rather than follow along and that’s a good way to look at life and your side hustle. However, being an actual passenger can give you a lot more time every week to get a few more jobs done. Ride the bus to work each morning, or get the train. If you pay out for a decent data plan on your cell phone you can be connected and get a head start on your side hustle every morning, before your nine to five.

If you’re a frequent traveller, just those journeys to work. Make sure you have some portable technology, spare battery chargers, enough to fill the entire journey to and from your destination. Be a passenger but don’t just sit around, be productive.

Timetable Your Time

Having a solid and consistent routine is definitely going help you get much more done and help you stick to a plan when it comes to finding time for your side hustle. If you already have a lot of activities on top of your day job and side hustle, then setting up a calendar and timetable for everything you do will help you keep your head straight.

It also means that you won’t forget anything or skip anything. All your commitments are met and you’re productive and organised; what everyone needs to be to be successful if they’re busy. You don’t want to find on Friday you missed a Monday deadline, or find yourself at a meeting on Tuesday four hours later than it started. You can modify it as you go along and find what works best for you but most importantly you can carve out time for certain tasks that are essential for your side hustle.

Vacation Days and Sick Days Are Side Hustle Days

Everyone with a day job gets vacation days and even a few sick days they can use without getting into trouble at work. If you’re pretty healthy, and rarely take days for coughs, cold or hangovers you’re missing out. Especially if you get a certain amount of paid sick days every year.

Make permitted (Banked) sick days Side Hustle days if your employer allows you to use them (or lose them) though you should never endanger your full-time gig. If there is a big job to get done, or you’ve fallen behind on some regular tasks and errands due to some outside influence use a sick day to catch up. Use them as networking days, to meet up with others in your industry, set up back to back appointments, get that big job done and out of the way so you can stay on top of your regular work during the week.

Another sacrifice is the vacation. If you’re serious about your side hustle replacing your day job then skipping the beach and hitting the home office is the best way to go. You’ll have a few days of uninterrupted time to make some serious headway with your own business without risking your day job.

A few sacrifices and a getting more organised can help you become more productive and your side hustle much more successful. Looking back you won’t miss that extra hours sleep or the endless facebook memes, you’ll be too busy enjoying your success.

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