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How to Use Facebook Live To Grow Your Business Fast

How to Use Facebook Live To Grow Your Business Fast

How to Use Facebook Live To Grow Your Business

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Facebook is still the number one social media with over a billion active users every day. Your audience is there and more than likely they’re watching video of some sort too. Over 100 million people watch video online every day, not just on Youtube or Twitch but on Facebook too. Especially as Facebook’s algorithm definitely favours video content, and favours live video overall.

Video content is more shareable too, it’s 1200% more likely to be shared than both text and images combined; with these sort of numbers, you can’t afford to let an opportunity to grow your customer base like this get away from you.

Streaming Live video is less time consuming and much easier than other forms of social media promotion. While you may want to prepare for your live videos by practising what you want to say and promoting the live event, the actual video itself is going to be much quicker to put together than a pre-recorded video or even a text or image link.

Unlike snapchat or periscope, Facebook live videos are saved and can be viewed later on, so you don’t need to worry about time differences if you’re an international business or catching everyone at once. This means you can promote them again, use them again if it’s evergreen content – which some of our suggestions below are.

Facebook Live videos are definitely more authentic than pre-recorded videos and that is something larger business’ are always trying to portray and something your smaller business can capitalise on.

So how do you use Facebook Live to grow your business?

Behind The Scenes

A good use of Facebook live videos is to offer a peek behind the scenes of your business. This doesn’t have to be a tour of every nook and cranny, but even short quick looks at different departments can give an insight to your customers they’d not normally have. If you have a physical product then perhaps show how that product is made. Are you a creator? Show people your creative process from idea to finished product.  

This both gives you a chance to show off your products as they’re being made and allows your audience to be part of that process. That insight into your business and your products will make your customers feel closer to you, and a part of your ‘business family’.

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Q & A Sessions

There are two ways to use Facebook Live for question and answer sessions. If you have a lot of frequently asked questions filling up your inbox then the easiest and quickest way to answer them is going to be a Facebook Live video. When you promote the event let your customers know that all their questions will be answered, increasing their chances of tuning in and at the end of the video tell them if their question wasn’t answered to let them know for the next video. These FAQ videos can be broken up into several videos of the answers require lengthy answers or explanations.

Another type of Q & A session is where people ask you questions during the live video. While you can’t see or hear the people that are watching your videos, you will be able to see any messages they type to you. This way you can set up a live Q & A session and invite fans and customers to ask their questions. This can also be used to ask questions of certain people or certain products as well as the business in general.


As well as behind the scenes looks at your business and Q & A, you can perform interviews. These can be conducted by yourself, your employees, people related to your industry and niche. This can be entertaining and informative and can give customers a glance at the people behind the products they like so much. This also forms a community between you and your customers too; it brings them closer to your business.

You can also interview customers who have used your product, or even show customers using your product. This is a good way for people who are still undecided about your product to see how it’s benefitting real people and to see exactly how it works.


As mentioned, Facebook's algorithm favours its live videos and videos are far more successful in terms of engagement. This makes them a good and free way to promote your business. While you can’t run an advert in a live-streamed video there are ways you can utilise for promotion.

Any type of event can be promoted through the live video. Whether it’s a sale or a convention, you can both live stream the details of the event, and live stream the event itself, letting everyone who can’t there physically still be a part of it.

New products can be both ‘teased’ or previewed using Facebook Live. Offering customers a way to pre-order a product or even an exclusive discount is a good way to reward people who tune in and will, in turn, encourage more people to watch future videos.                                                                            


Do you have a physical product that’s a little tricky to use? Does it require some setup? Then Facebook Live is a quick and effective way to show your customers how to use your product effectively and easily. If you don’t have a physical product then is there another aspect of your business or industry that people would like to know about. Are you a designer? Perhaps a quick photoshop tutorial. A blogger? Perhaps a WordPress tutorial.  Are there some simple aspects of your business that can be shared without you giving away too much or losing customers? This is a good way to let customers know you want to help them as much as you want to sell to them. This gives you more credibility with your user base and a better reputation.

Perhaps your product interacts with other pieces of technology that you can offer tutorials in. There are many ways to use this form of Live video as with viewers able to ask questions as you go along you can answer these and modify your tutorial for viewers needs. This means they don’t need to go searching for tutorial videos on the Youtube to fix their exact problem but can come to you and get the help they need right away.


Tips For Using Facebook Live

When it comes to using Facebook Live we have a few tips and tricks you should consider before you even start your live video. These will help you get the most your of your videos straight away and the most for your business.

Plan ahead / Practice

While not all videos are going to be a simple straight to camera piece – especially if you’re inviting viewers to ask questions – there is a lot to be said for a little practice beforehand. You don’t have to write a script; simply planning the topic or focus of the video, what questions you want to answer, and what needs to be in the videos will help you a lot in creating a smooth experience for your viewers and an easier experience for yourself.

Promote ahead

Use your all your social media channels and your email subscriptions lists to promote your upcoming live video to as many potential viewers as you can. Let them know the details of the video, the when and where, and exactly what the video is about. Some people will tune in to any and every video but a focus will get you the largest viewership overall as people will watch videos they want or need to see.

Engage your audience

Engage your viewers. Don’t talk straight the camera and ignore the comments coming in. Introduce yourself and don’t assume they know who you are. Welcome your viewers, if there are only a small number you can welcome viewers one by one as they come in but this isn’t realistic for a large number of viewers. You can still welcome newcomers, however. Shorter videos are viewed more, and the usual length of a live video is around ten minutes. If your videos are long ait’s worth recapping for late-comers or just to make sure everyone is still on the same page.

Subscribe, Save, Share

During your video encourage your viewers to subscribe to be updated and notified of future videos. Viewers who have watched one video and then subscribed are more likely to watch future videos. This grows your overall audience.

Saving and sharing your live videos means they’re always available too – so that people who were unavailable can still enjoy your videos. This also encourages them to be available for the next videos.

Go Live Now

Now you know how to use Facebook Live to grow and promote your business there is no reason to wait any longer. Take the plunge, even if your first video is a short and rough it’s going to make a difference your business right away.

A reminder: you can get your free two weeks of graphics and social media marketing instruction by requesting a Sample Kit from our webiste


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