Side Hustle School- Starting a Successful Side Hustle from Zero

Side Hustle School- Starting a Successful Side Hustle from Zero -Four Tips For An Effective Side Hustle  from Zero

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With over 50 percent of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck and just over 13 percent of people having an additional source of income, it seems like more and more of us have a side hustle. A business or income source that isn’t our primary day job, but a business of our own. It’s not easy though to work a full-time job and have a side hustle, even less so if you have a family or other commitments.

Have you been thinking about, reading about starting one? You'v checked out Nick Loper's podcast Side Hustle Nation and the other daily brilliance called Side Hustle School, the podcast? There are a few things you can do to make sure you are as good at your side hustle as you are your day job or anything else you do. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while our tips will help you make the most of your side hustle.

Using Free Time Effectively

Anytime that you’re not working at your day job is the time you could be using working on your side hustle. There are pros and cons to everything of course and the con of the side hustle is definitely having less time for hobbies and just relaxing. Unless you’ve turned your hobby into your side hustle.

You’ll have to make some sacrifices; less television, fewer video games, fewer memes and social media; even a little less sleep. Staying up later or getting up later can add extra time to your day to be really productive. Make up for lost time; use those lunch hours – get a tablet or portable laptop and work while you eat. Don’t sit around waiting for appointments, get your phone out and fire off some emails. Every minute can be and should be used.

Stick to what you do best

You may not be in the right day job; perhaps it was all you could get or you just don’t enjoy your work anymore. The side hustle should be something you’re good at and this can be anything. Do you have a degree or over a decade of experience in something – then you can teach. This doesn’t need to be in a classroom, but online or as a guest speaker. You can also tutor – college students, high school students.

If you have a certain skill that can be marketed then that is what you should focus on, and when it comes to making your side hustle as successful as possible you need to know where your strengths lie. More importantly, you need to know where your weaknesses lie too. There’s no point wasting valuable time working on PR if promoting yourself isn’t something you’re good at. There are no point writing teaching guides if writing isn’t your forte. Concentrate on what you can do and outsource the rest.

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Which brings us to our next point.

Network, Collaborate and Partner Up

A side business is a great way to make new connections in your industry or niche, and a great way to find people to work with on your project or business. These are the people that can help you go from side hustle to full-time day job or even just make a start-up project find it’s legs.

This way you can outsource some of your work to other people who know what they're doing, who know their field. Stick with what you know and have other people do your PR, your building, whatever it is you’re not good at but still have to do to be successful.

It doesn’t always have to be about money though. Sometimes people want to network, work on projects they’ve always wanted to work on, or job swap. While they can do certain tasks for you, you too can do the same for them. This job swapping or work sharing is something to consider at the beginning of a new project, with people who are starting out themselves. Over time, making these connections will be even more important if you’re to turn your side hustle into a full-time career.

Educate Yourself.

It is never too late to learn something, and if you have a side hustle it’s definitely worth learning everything you can about it and trust us, there is always something new to learn. Even if you’ve been carving those wood figures in your spare time for forty years, there are always new techniques and new information to be had.

Beyond that though, depending on what your goal is with your projects or business, there is a lot to learn about starting and running a business. Even if you don’t want your side hustle to be your day job it’s always worth having new skills; education can help improve your main career too.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot, and you don’t need to go back to school or college. There are dozens of online courses out there that are free to take, and there are websites that offer certification too. No matter what your hustle, there is something out there for you.

The top Author on Side Hustles is Chris Guillebeau, who has both a podcast  ("Side Hustle School") and a book on the subject. He writes on his blog at

This is excerpted from his blog about his best selling book:


The key message of this book is: don’t quit your job, but do create a new source of income while you’re still there.

A side hustle isn’t just nice, it’s necessary—and there’s a process you can follow to create one.

I created a 27-day plan of action, with one step for you to complete each day. If you follow the plan, you can start your own income-generating project. Don’t take it from me; thousands of people have done it for themselves!

I used a case study format for this book, with lots of stories of regular people who all succeeded using this method.

  • The woman who makes personalized candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, earning $100,000 a year on the side

  • The guy who sets up a website containing fish tank reviews, then never touches it again… but three years later, continues to receive $700 a month in affiliate commissions from Amazon

  • The couple who visits Nepal for their honeymoon then brings back cashmere scarves to resell (donating a portion of the profits to girls’ education in Nepal)

…and many more. I loved writing this book, and I hope you love it too!"- from his blog (direct quote)

We do love and recommend both the podcast and the book, both of which are spectacular for educating and inspiring yourself to go from idea to action and a few extra bucks in your pocket. We followed the podcast for a year while in school to start this business in 2018! Go forth and buy alllllll the books--  in audio (he's so funny reading the book), Kindle (so you can be inspired anywhere) and hardcover (because you'll always want a memento of how you became a sidehustler extraordinaire)). NOTE: Thank you, Chris if you see this!!! See you at WDS 2019!

Hit The Ground Running

Whatever your long-term plan is, making the most of your time and your abilities is going to make any aspect of your life effective and succe3sful. If you really want something you can do it.

A reminder: you can get your free two weeks of graphics and social media marketing instruction by requesting a Sample Kit from our webiste