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Super Starter Tips on Using Pinterest for Business

Super Starter Tips on Using Pinterest for Business

How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business.

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Social media is the best way to connect with customers online, if you have a social media account of some sort so will your customer. Pinterest has over 100 million active monthly users that could be new customers if you can target them accurately and convert them. More than 50% of that 100 million + group has bought SOMETHING they've seen on Pinterest- and that could be your product! It’s a growing platform too, especially in the male demographic with one-third of all sign-ups to the site being men. We could list statistics until we were blue in the face but the fact is if you’re not on Pinterest you’re missing out on a huge amount of business.

So how can you utilize Pinterest?

First up, if your business isn’t already on Pinterest sign up right away; sign up for a business account as it offers more features that aren’t available on a personal account. Business accounts have the following features that you need to grow your business through Pinterest and we’ll look at each in turn.

·         Analytics

·         Rich Pins

·         Promoted Posts


These three features will really make the difference for your business but there is a lot more to Pinterest that you can benefit from.

Pins and Rich Pins


Pinterest is a very visual website and whatever your business you’ll need to take advantage of that. Not only do your images need to convey your message or product but they need to be on brand too. Images are repined on average eleven times to different boards by different pinners, travelling around both the site and the web and you need to make sure those images are connected to your brand wherever they resurface. Think of curation websites or even Google, picking up images of your product – the image doesn’t always have it’s original link or data attached to it anymore. But it will still have your logo or company name letting everyone know where it’s come from and who to look up.


Rich pins are only available with business accounts and there are four kinds; offering versatility for your content. Recipes pins speak for themselves, displaying the entire recipe on Pinterest and linking to the site it came from. While you may not be a business that involves food in any way, there may still be a way to shoehorn some of that content into your account. Employees favourite recipes, or recipes you can make for snacks for a road trip in one of your cars, or listening to your music, whatever your business.


Article pins give more information to the viewer than a regular pin including the author, the headline and a short description. These are great for bloggers or companies whose products are less visual – you will still need that eye-catching image but a read-it button will replace to usual share button and more information is going to be available to those looking to read something. This is good if you do have a blog for your business – posting evergreen content to your account offers a good way to get people to your site.


Product pins are going to be the ore relevant to you as they offer a way to buy a product directly by clicking the pin; however, you won’t want to overuse this or for it to be your only type of pin. Two-thirds of pins are from a business and you need to stand out from that crowd.


App pins again link to an app that your customers can download straight onto their phones. Seventy-five percent of users use the Pinterest app to browse and curate content. If you have an app that’s millions of customers you could tap into through this kind of pin only works with iOS – however, consider that this time last year Apple had sold 1.2 billion iphones to date, it’s safe to say there is definitely plenty of crossover and an avenue worth pursuing if you have an app.


Boards And Engagement


Setting up a Pinterest account and making the pins is the easy part – getting engagement on your pins is a little harder. A good way is to set up boards for your pins based on keywords appropriate for your business or trending stories and keywords that relate to your products. Use these boards to target different

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Checking Google Trends can tell exactly what people are searching for right now and the Popular Category on Pinterest will show what people are searching for more. Using that information means you can create boards and pins based on those keywords.


Once you’ve been on Pinterest a little while you can use Pinterest Analytics to see which pins are most successful than others, which keywords work best for you and which ones you need to work on. The Analytics is useful to see who is pinning your content from both your boards and from your website too. Adding social media sharing capability – or a pin it button to images or content means people can pin straight from your site. Analytics can tell you what, who and where your pinners are from. If you’re getting a lot of pins from women but your audience is men then you know what you need to work on.


Boards should be full of content from the get-go, so try and add six or seven pins to each board as soon as you set them up. From then on regular pinning is required – boards or accounts that don’t have new content become stagnant. People aren’t going to follow accounts that aren’t updated any more than they’ll follow an empty account.  Try creating pins in batches and scheduling them over time – there are apps that can do this for you such as Tailwind, Boardbooster and Buffer. These cost money but come with free accounts you can try or trials and are very much worth the money.


When it comes to engagement there a few things you can do to increase your engagement on your pins. While statistically your pins should and would get engagement on their own there is no point leaving it to chance. As well as keywords, and pinning other pinners content along with your own. We’re not saying pin your competitor's products but pin content related to your products, to your keywords that other people have pinned. Pins that show your products in lifestyle settings are going to be more successful than straight product photos and convert more customers.


It’s hard to say whether group boards are still the way to get engagement. Once they were the single best way to get repins and likes on pins but as Pinterest changes its algorithm and its focus onto promoted pins groups boards may, in fact, become a detriment to your Pinterest efforts.


Promoted Pins


                Promoted pins are another feature of the business account that will be invaluable to you in converting customers. Pinner’s who saw promoted pins have a 40 percent great awareness of new products and fifty percent greater intentions of purchasing. Pinterest themselves say sixty-one percent of Pinners have made a purchase after seeing business content on Pinterest.  It’s the best way to get your products in front of people who don’t currently follow you on the social network or for time-sensitive pins (such as ones related to holidays or sales).


Promoted pins are only available in the following countries:

·         United States

·         Canada

·         United Kingdom

·         Ireland

·         Australia

·         New Zealand


There are five different ad campaigns to choose from depending on what you the time you need from your pin. There are awareness, engagement, traffic, app and video campaigns and the minimum bid for each campaign has been lower giving you more value for your money. You pay for the engagement you get on the pins – whether it’s pins or clicks through to your website and setting a maximum daily or lifetime bid will mean you won’t be overcharged an unexpected amount later on down the line.


Using the same guide as above for your regular pins as with your promoted pins will give the best results. High-quality images that are mobile ready. Showing products in a natural or lifestyle setting. You can turn any existing pin into a promoted pin too.


Promoted pins are searchable and you pay for them to get them noticed by people who are likely to interact with them. Like most ads, promoted pins that users see will be based on their interests and, history on Pinterest. You can target the pins further right down to gender, location and even the device the person is using. Want people to download your app – target those iPhone and iPad users.


The same analytics can be used for promoted pins, so you can see exactly which pins are performing the best, how much money you’re spending on a campaign and where your money is being best spent. The old adage of you have to spend money to make money is going to apply here as anything less than a thirty days the first time you promote a pin isn’t going to give you enough data to go forward with to effectively use and create shorter or more targeted campaigns.


Getting Pinning



Whether your store is solely online or if you have brick and mortar locations, whether you’re a lifestyle brand or sell tech Pinterest is one of the best ways to get new customers. Half of all pinners (and remember that’s around fifty million users) buy something they’ve seen on Pinterest online and over seventy percent of users buy something in a store that they’ve seen on the site.


These are not numbers to ignore – if you’re just starting out Pinterest can give your new business a huge boost. If you’re more established there are new users every day that you can turn into new customers.


With a focused strategy, you can really make the most of Pinterest and turn every pin into profit.

A reminder: you can get your free two weeks of graphics and social media marketing instruction by requesting a Sample Kit from our webiste


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