Why you should use Pinterest Tools To Get More Followers and Get More Sales

Why you should use Pinterest tools To Get More Followers and Get More Sales

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Pinterest is such a large source of traffic for my website, but I realized that I can't reasonably always be there to post my content at the best times. Thankfully, tools like Tailwind exist. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool for Pinterest businesses that helps you stay organized and create a pinning strategy that actually works.

Why you should use a scheduler like Tailwind

  • It's the only Pinterest approved scheduling tool

  • It's only $9.99/mo with the annual plan and they give you an unlimited number of pins

  • Tailwind analyzes your feed and creates time slots to help you schedule for best results

  • You can track the performance of your boards and pins from your website

  • You get access to the well known and much loved Tailwind Tribes

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Tailwind Features that Rock

Tailwind has a lot of features that make it easy, fast, and fun to use. Here's a short list of some of my favorites and how they have made pinning more enjoyable for me.


Thanks to Tailwind's Chrome extension, you can schedule pins from any website - even ones that aren't your own. You can schedule pins with Tailwind using 4 different methods:

  • Clicking the Tailwind icon in your Chrome browser toolbar will create an overlay page of available images that you can choose from for pinning.

  • You can hover over images on a website and click on the "Schedule" button that appears to bring up the scheduler.

  • The Tailwind icon shows when you hover over images within the Pinterest feed and clicking on it brings up the scheduler

  • A schedule button appears after clicking on a pin within the feed. Clicking the "Schedule" button will bring up the scheduler.

The extension will collect the available pinning options from the page and create a pop up where you can select the board(s) the pin should be scheduled to.


Tailwind uses the Pinterest API to determine the best scheduling plan for you. At any time, you can generate a new "Smart Schedule" based on the number of times you want to pin each day using the scheduler. You can even choose to click on other suggested time slots that Tailwind has found you get good engagement from.

When scheduling, you have the option to either let the pin schedule itself to your queue, or select a day and time of your choosing.

In the Tailwind, the green blocks are the time slots that Tailwind has generated for me after analyzing your account. They will be totally different for everyone. The white, dotted blocks are the suggested time slots that you can turn on with just a click. You can add additional time slots by clicking on the blue "Add Time Slot" button.

It's so smart that even if you decide to delete a time slot or even generate a whole new Smart Schedule, you won't disrupt the pins that are already queued. They will just move to the next available time slot.


If you have a pin of your own or come across someone else's content that easily fits more than one board, it's really easy to just click on the pin once and schedule it to multiple boards. All you have to do is select the board from a drop-down list of your boards and select which ones you want to schedule the pin to.

You can schedule pins to queue in a certain order whether that's one right after another in your time slots, or even by using timed intervals.

Even better is the ability to make Board Lists. It's an excellent way to organize your boards if you are in a lot of them - especially if you're in multiple group boards with a similar theme. For example, if you are pinning about Blogging Tips and are in several group boards of that topic, you can create a board list called "Blogging Tips Boards" and select that from the drop-down instead. All of those group boards will populate the area and you'll have saved yourself a lot of time!


Tribes are sort of like Pinterest group boards in that they are designed to be groups of people exchanging repins. As a member, you can add your on topic pins and others will repin your content - which you reciprocate and repin the images of your choice. Tailwind actually keeps track of how many pins you have added to a tribe VS how many you've repinned... which keeps people more honest and allows Tribe owners to better moderate.

Conclusion? GO with a scheduler that saves you time, using stunning graphics you can get through Smart Social Kits (right here at this site!) Be everywhere for pennies and look totally professional.

Tailwind can automate your pinning process and remove a lot of the time spent pinning for the sake of regularly pinning content. You'll be able to go back to pinning manually for fun and expand your reach in your business leading to more sales.

A reminder: you can get your free two weeks of graphics and social media marketing instruction by requesting a Sample Kit from our webiste SmartSocialKits.com/Kits