How does this work? How can I use these post captions, ideas, and photos and can I cancel any time?        

You can use the entire kit any way you want except resale! You can use them for Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, your podcast art, your email header, your advertising, your profile picture, anything at all. You'll get fresh content every month. And YES, you can cancel any time after the minimum subscription period (3 months). We hope you won't want to ever cancel but sometimes solo run businesses take a break from selling, so we understand!

You get pre-sized images perfect for social media marketing. They are royalty free and no attribution is required. The graphics are yours for personal or business use as well, you can use them as many times as you like, too! They are ready to go! You're in business!


How can I use these to create a "branded feel" for my business? 

You'll learn in our social media marketing training  and in the online coaching group (both included as part of your membership) how to do this and how to do it in a way that connects authentically with your followers. Whether you are serving working women or moms or families, the images you post will communicate peace, caring and warmth and an appreciation of beauty. The personalized posts we coach you to post will showcase what YOU DO that's special for them. Learn more by signing up and trying it out! Ask questions anytime in our online coaching group, too!


Are there enough images each month for me to have be unique?

Yes! No two businesses will choose exactly the same images the same day from the many we offer NOR will they use them in exactly the same way. You might post a photo of a smiling baby and ask "Do you need gifts for the mom-to-be? Come in and see us by Sunday and mention this post for a 15% discount!" while another business would post a sleeping baby and say. "Want to sleep like a baby? Try candlelight yoga Friday nights with us to relax into the weekend" The secret to these social media kits is not having to search all over the internet for every day's postable image and having captions provided that make managing social marketing EASY!


What size are the images?

All images are the perfect size for uses including Instagram and Facebook, blogs, newsletters, or your website. You can crop as needed. If we get enough demand for Pinterest sized images, we will start throwing those in so speak up!


Will I receive themed images such as for major holidays?

Yes, for many holidays and all the fun #hashtagholiday themes like #nationaltacoday! Once you start using them you will be completely addicted to your social media accounts, it is a lot of festive fun!


Does posting on social media make a difference to my business, really?

YES! Studies have shown that creating shareable social media posts creates engagement with your customers and elevates your company's profile. No one is reading newspapers nowdays so advertising in them is a waste of money! Only 3 in 10 people watch commercials on TV! But people love social media and if you are not always asking for their money or the sale, they will learn to love your style, your story, your sense of humor, your brand personality and shop with you for the smallest investment of your TIME. It's the best return on your marketing money you will ever get and it's made even easier with Social Kits.


Can I buy just the photos?

No, the Kits are a marketing system. They are designed to help you achieve your business goals. We might offer photos in the future 1 by 1 but for now, it is a Monthly Kit.


Can I buy just the training?

No, right now it is part of the complete subscription.


Can I just join the coaching group to get coaching? 

No, right now it is part of the complete subscription.


Can I buy just the posting captions?

No, right now they are part of the complete subscription.


Can I buy just the monthly social media schedule and planner?

No, right now it is part of the complete subscription.


Can you help me get over the fear of doing this all wrong?

YES! The  monthly schedule and planner, captions, images, training course that is included and the support and coaching group are for you to learn  to be a social media pro in a safe space! Gotcha all the way, honey!


Can I really become a social media influencer without taking my clothes off?

YES! Let's get started!