How to Get Your Smart Social Marketing System Started


Every day you’re losing out on potential sales:

People rarely buy the FIRST time they encounter you- like dating, if someone yells at you, “MARRY ME, HURRY, DON’T WAIT, MARRY ME NOW!” on a first date- well, you’re likely to call the cops and run away, right?

Selling is JUST. LIKE. DATING. Someone has to notice you, learn your name, like you enough to follow you, start to trust you and finally learn whether they have a need in their life for what you’re offering.

So it takes 7-13 meetings to get a solid, happy sale that won’t slide into a refund unless you know some secrets to speeding that up. But it will still take about 3-4. Don’t you wish you’d started 6 months ago? SO START NOW. Get a Kit and GET LEARNING, GET MORE FOLLOWERS, SELL MORE.

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